White line from start to finish.


What is White Line Disease?

White line disease also known as "seedy toe" is a fungal infection of the horse's hoof. As the name suggests it attacks the white line which connects the sole to the hoof wall. It is sometimes mistaken for hoof wall separation but is not to be confused.

Clinical signs.

White line disease changes the typical light color of the white line to a black or dark grey color. It may also give off a foul odor. lameness can also be present and is in advanced disease. The disease May locate in the toe area of the hoof giving rise to the name "Seedy toe". White line disease may not be noticed by a horse owner and is most often diagnosed by a farrier  during  routine hoof trims or shoeing. It may affect horses of any age, breed or sex and can affect one hoof or all four.


White line disease is most often seen in moist, humid areas with annual rainfall. The exact organism that causes white line disease is not known but it is known to be caused by bacteria in the soil getting into a weekend spot in the hoof wall such as a crack which then sets up a fungal infection that leads to the disease. Who's infections are often attributed to poor management but with white line disease this is often not the case as it is seen even in horses kept in very clean stables and Facilities.


Cop-pure-cure of course.

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How we got started

Cop-pure-cure was developed by a top Equine farrier who saw the need for a product that was All Natural and really works on treating White line disease and Thrush.  We have been developing Cop-pure-cure for the past three years and have used Cop-pure-cure on our own horses and clients horses for over a year now and have seen amazing results.  Cop-pure-cure has no harsh chemical all nor does it have drying agents such as clay in it.When applying it leaves a water resistant seal on the hoof not allowing water to soak into it. Cop-pure-cure is a puddy consistency that it able to soak right up into the hoof and start working.


Cop-pure-cure is for all disciplines

Whether you are a beginner learning to ride on a 20 yr. Old school horse or a Professional with a barn full of competitive show horses or somewhere in between every horse deserves to be comfortable and sound while performing their job. After all, horses complete us and make our lives better. Shouldn't we do the same for them?


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